Picture Gallery

Hope you have time to spare, because the Picture Gallery is the most extended part of this website... I have pictures here starting 2004, which is when I consider my life -as I know it now- started: by meeting Lívia! Of course, we both did have lives before meeting, but is seems so far ago and long away... It's who we were, not who we are today...

Especially after the kids were born, we said goodbye to the lives we once led... Quite amazing how life can change, just by having kids... Of course, there's parts that we miss, but when it comes down to it, nothing compares to those two... Any parent will agree with me... ;o)

So... on the left is a list of years to check... As I do have kids, I am quite busy, so bear with me... I am trying to get all pictures online as soon as I can... (these days, in the digital age, that goes a LOT easier than it used to, fortunately!!!)